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+SEE better +FEEL better +THINK better +PERFORM better

Protect your eyes, optimize brain function and improve your mood with Smart Tesla Eye-Wear. Designed with a special Fullerene lens to transform harmful wavelengths into more beneficial light, Smart Tesla Eye-Wear is suited for both indoor and outdoor wear and corresponds precisely to the eye sensitivity spectrum.

Through evolution, we have become adapted to diffused sunlight including high energy UV and high-energy visible light, which keeps us on constant high alert, always in fight or flight mode and under permanent stress.

We have developed a method for transforming these types of light into a more beneficial source for our bodies. Based on our patented technology and initial scientific pilot studies we can recommend wearing Smart Tesla-Eye Wear as a replacement for sunglasses, for blocking UV and highly energetic blue sunlight, as well as for a possible relaxing effect, improved decision-making processes and protection against harmful blue-violet light emitted by LCD and LED screens.


Revolution in Optics - Hi-Tech, Swiss-Engineered, Premium Quality Quantum Hyperlight Optics® Based on Fullerene C60 Any light passing through the the lens is transformed into a uniquely structured – Hyper-harmonized light format:

Enhanced concentration, attention, and memory

Faster and better decisions

Optimal mental performance during periods of intense mental overload

Increased productivity and efficiency

Reduce light scattering inside the eye

Improve visual acuity

Increase contrast sensitivity and color intensity, and reduce reflection

Eliminate fatigue and discomfort in the eyes

Prevent the blinding effects of sudden bright light

Eliminate fatigue and discomfort in the eyes

Prevent the blinding effects of sudden bright light

Additionally, Smart Tesla Eye-Wear is equipped with the highest quality coatings:

  • The protective layer is installed on both sides of the lens.
  • Hydro and oleophobic coating: provides resistance to scratches and prolongs the lifespan of the lens. It has an easy to clean effect and an antistatic component that repels dust particles on both sides of the lens.
  • Patented 8 ioncoat layers: In accordance with the Ioncoat K+ procedure, eight layers of material with different index levels are applied to the lenses in a vacuum. Ioncoat K+ reduces light reflex to less than 1%, resulting in better vision.
  • The Hard Coat (HC) layer: aligned specially with the antireflection process and the superhydrophobic layer, it prolongs the life span of the antireflection layer and provides additional protection against scratches.
  • Fullerene c60 Layer on both sides of the lens.

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