Grasp what others can't even see with the Tesla Hyperlight Eyewear!

"The eyes are useless when the mind is blind."- Mark Venturini.

Grasp what others can't even see with the Tesla Hyperlight Eyewear!

Grasp what others can't even see with the Tesla Hyperlight Eyewear!

"The eyes are useless when the mind is blind."- Mark Venturini.

"The eyes are useless when the mind is blind."- Mark Venturini.

There is a silent enemy, killing all of us.

Invisible to the naked eye this enemy is everywhere.

It's affecting you right as you are reading this right now!

It doesn't have a shape or a form.

It's dumbing us down minute by minute.

Affecting our sleep hormones.

It's damaging our cognitive skills and thinking abilities…

And can cause damage to the retinal cells.

I am talking about blue light!

Every artificial source of light gives out this fatal blue light.

And we are at war with this invisible intangible super stealthy enemy that is hell-bent on destroying not only our physical vision but our brain as well!

We needed military-grade technology to fight the war against something so harmful and yet so subtle.

We needed military-grade technology to fight the war against something so harmful and yet so subtle. And military-grade technology is what we got.

The breakthrough achieved while fighting this war against harmful light was so huge and groundbreaking that it opened up a new chapter in nanotechnology and quantum medicine, contributing to new medical treatments with the ability to prolong life.

We initially planned to contribute it to the secret super-soldier program where it could be used to help soldiers see better, think better, and make fast decisions on the battlefield.

But instead of only giving this patented technology to the military we at BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics® decided to make it available for everyone to be benefitted from.


Because we felt that the possibilities of THE® Glasses were endless in the hands of civilians like us.

What started out as a project for protecting human eyesight turned into a mission to enhance human life all over the planet.

But before we get into the details of how we plan to win the war and change the world for the better with THE® Glasses, let me tell you how we won the battle against the harmful light at its basic level.

To protect the eyes and brain, BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics® developed the THE® Glasses that have a unique dual natural ability.

  • Firstly they reduce hazardous UV radiations and blue light coming from the sun to desirable levels.

  • And secondly, THE® Glasses increase the level of beneficial wavelengths of energy to desirable levels coming from artificial sources of light.

THE® Glasses thus relieve the muscle tension inside and outside the eye.

This stops the eyes from being fatigued due to the long hours of work done staring at a computer screen.

So if you are getting that eye strain, that pinching feeling between the nose, pressure on the outside of your temples, or even headaches then getting a set of tesla eyewear is an absolute must for you.

Compare it to lifting weights.

Your eyes can hold a continuous stare at a set distance only for so long.

It's similar to holding a 40-pound dumbbell and trying to hold it there for as long as you can.

Eventually, your eye muscles are going to give in.

And Tesla Hyperlight Eyewear a.k.a THE® Glasses lowers that weight down.

So with the Tesla glasses on your eyes are kinda holding only a pound of weight instead of that 40!

Along with the constant muscle tension blue light just makes things worse.

Especially indoors where we humans spend most of our lives.

Guess what’s indoors!?

Artificial sources of light!

And what do these artificial sources give out?

Blue light, again, arrgss!

Published studies have shown that blue light affects melatonin production.

This affects our sleep cycles.

Now here's the interesting part about the tesla hyperlight eyewear.

Your tesla glasses don't just block or reflect the blue light falling on the eyes.

They transform them.

The tesla THE® Glasses harmonize them.

The fullerene C60 on THE® Glasses transforms the blue light into healing light!

Here's what most people don't understand. Our eyes need more power to flex their muscles as we get old.

Add to it the blue harmful light and radiation, this process of eyes getting weak gets accelerated.

You are either moving forward or backward.

There is no standing still.

You are either healing your eyes or damaging them.

And if you haven’t noticed already that the number of gadgets that give out blue light is increasing day by day.

If you ask people to shut down digital screen time a minimum of two hours before they go to sleep there is a heavy chance they are going to say something like...

“What am I supposed to do? Stare at a wall till I fall asleep?”

Asking someone to not use a laptop or computer is like asking someone to hold their breath.

They won’t be able to do it for more than a few minutes.

And even if somehow we can cut short the digital screen time we still are exposed to the harmful light from other artificial light sources and mobile phones!

So it's a fight against blue light! It’s a war against harmful light!

But to say that the BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics® which was built with the super-soldier program in mind only transforms harmful light into healing light would be an absolute understatement.

That's just the tip of the iceberg.

There is so much more that these yellow BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics® can do.

Quantum Hyperlight created by passing light through the BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics® lens improves one's mental and physical state.

The BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics® is the first of its kind glasses to optimize bodily functions by optimizing vision and brain function.

Things do not grow better; they remain as they are. It is we who grow better, by the changes we make in ourselves.” ― Swami Vivekananda

The problem is we are making the technology better.

This makes us the end-user, a slave of technology

THE® Glasses is all about making the user better.

Now fools are certain about the fact that they are perfect in every way. But it's the smart people who know there is always room for improvement

So the smart ones might want to read on about what's more exciting than just enhanced cognitive functions.

For starters, it heals your vision.

You get to see better even in low light!

And if enhanced cognitive abilities and vision weren't sci-fi enough the BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics® balances the hormones in your body as well.

No no, not those.

Not the ones’ that your dirty mind immediately thought of.

The BIOPTRON Hyperlight shades uniquely optimize the levels of serotonin (“happiness hormone”), dopamine(“pleasure hormone”), melatonin (the hormone responsible for sleep regulation), and cortisol (stress hormone).

It’s safe to say a BIOPTRON harmonized light leads to a balanced “hormonized” life.

And kiss those nasty dark circles around your beautiful eyes goodbye once you get these shades but not because you got your beauty sleep because your sleep hormones were balanced with harmonized light.

You see BIOPTRON Hyperlight glasses have anti-aging effects on the skin around the eyes.

They eliminate and convert, in the same way, all types of dangerous light spectrum radiation into health-promoting light waves that maintain and stimulate natural regeneration/synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Simply put, the harmonized light basically acts like Midas touch.

Except here instead of turning your beloved things to gold, it heals them.

Kinda brings them back to life!

But how?

How can one piece of yellowish eyewear do so much?

Fullerene C60 is the answer to your question my friend.

YES! THE® Glasses are inspired by the Nobel prize-winning discovery of the fullerene C60 molecule.

Fullerene C60 is one of the eight allotropic forms of carbon which has identical symmetry present within healthy functional biological structures and throughout the whole universe!

This ground-breaking research opened an entirely new chapter in nanotechnology and quantum medicine, contributing to new medical treatments with the ability to prolong life.

Fullerene C60 produces HYPER-HARMONIZED LIGHT!

This harmonized light has the same energy structure as 85% of the healthy biomolecules in the human body.

Because it is ideally structured, this resonating hyper harmonized light prevails and imposes its energy and information properties onto the disturbed biomolecules.

As a result, the hyper harmonized light brings every living cell and molecule back into the natural balanced state.

THE® Glasses create a harmonized light that can regenerate the entire human body.

The healing and enhancing effects of THE® Glasses are more than skin deep

You don’t just end up looking better!

You BECOME better, through and through.

THE® Glasses are designed to promote enhanced human health and superior cognitive abilities along with fashion magazine cover face look.

THE® Glasses are designed to give you a better quality of life.

They contribute to our mission:


And THE® Glasses are the only glasses that have this cutting-edge patented technology in the entire eyewear universe.

If we can win this war against the damage through harmful light and keep improving our intellectual and emotional states we could potentially change the world around us.

By winning this war we could go on to avoid the wars fought by soldiers and save not just their lives but the lives of millions of people who fall victim to these wars which are a result of nothing but irrational thinking and disturbed imbalanced human emotions.

So join the “spectacular” community of more than X thousand people who want to continuously make their lives better with BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics®.

So it’s up to YOU now.

Choose healing for yourself.

Choose better living for yourself.

And for the entire world in doing so.

Choose THE® Glasses.

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